Bitch what

Yes, yes, yes it's another server story. Enjoy So I'm at work having a good ole time and I get a 7 top of white woman who's husbands are in the military and they have a mom group. I thought it was gonna go great. I'm not white but I'm a mom. Something I can … Continue reading Bitch what


I’m Happy for you But…

A good friend and I were just talking about how we watch the people around us getting an abundance amount of good karma, I guess you can say, and it's like okay I'm happy for you but where is my good karma? Where is my graciousness from the universe? Don't get me wrong I am … Continue reading I’m Happy for you But…

They Almost Got Me

OH. MY. GOSH. It is definitely TEA TIME SIS I was at one of my serving jobs last weekend and I was taking care of this table of 3. It was a tall, light skinned, bald guy who I had originally assumed was gay, a white lady and another light skinned guy who was literally … Continue reading They Almost Got Me

Spiritual Fastings

A spiritual fast is a physical fast. A physical fast has a plethora of benefits: weight loss, an improvement of blood sugar control, heart health, brain function and cancer prevention. A spiritual fast involves focusing solely on your faith. It is a deeply personal experience to deny your body it's daily physical needs in order … Continue reading Spiritual Fastings


self-a*ware*ness noun conscious knowledge of one's own character, feelings, motives and desires. Having a clear understanding of self, your emotions, wants, strengths and weaknesses, beliefs helps you understand other people and how they perceive you. It helps you with self discipline, teaches you to set healthy boundaries with self and those around you. You learn … Continue reading SELF AWARENESS = HAPPINESS

Support or Lack of…

sup*port verb bear all or part of the weight of; hold up Should you have to ask your friends and family to support you in your endeavors? I believe you shouldn't have to ask your support system to support you in anything. They should want to support you in anything you do. However people are … Continue reading Support or Lack of…

Ugh, you stink..

Body odor can be either detrimental to a relationship or beneficial. If your nigga is walking around smelling like last years basketball game... There's an issue. There are several issues. One being maybe he doesn't have a nose bc I can smell him from here how can he not smell himself? And if he can … Continue reading Ugh, you stink..

Sooo, What are you Telling Me?

Are those that are visibly emotional more emotional than those who can mask their emotions? And does that make you numb as a person to mask your emotions? From what I experienced through the people I've encountered just bc you mask your emotions does not make you a zombie. Speaking as a person who wears … Continue reading Sooo, What are you Telling Me?

Less Sacrifice, More Self Care

Stop sacrificing your self love and self care for temporary entertainment. I am guilty as charged. I've done this quite often. Embarrassing, I know but it's my truth. Hopefully this speaks to a few you on a very spiritual wave. I've got a couple reasons why this is something you need to cut out of … Continue reading Less Sacrifice, More Self Care